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Market analysis of China's modified plastics industry
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      Analysts pointed out that the modified plastics industry in our country in special materials, functional masterbatch, nano composite materials, inorganic powder materials modification, halogen free flame retardant, modified YongZhuJi and additives, engineering plastic waste recycling, and modified for plastics machinery and equipment and so on many of the technologies and products has reached international advanced level, it has advantage of technology, independent intellectual property rights, and implements the industrialized production, the partial products and technology are exported to overseas.

Modified plastics is a primary form resin as main ingredients, can improve the resin in the mechanical, rheological, combustibility, electricity, heat, light, magnetic one or a few aspects, such as performance additives or other resin for auxiliary components, such as by toughening, pa66 enhancement, filling, blending, alloying and other technical means, the material with uniform appearance.

Modified plastics, a new material industry encouraged by the state, have been widely used. Modified plastics industry in China is only 20 years of history, at present our country has thousands of companies engaged in modified plastic manufacturing, but the scale of enterprise (production capacity of more than 3000 tons) of only 70 - odd, capacity of more than 2 million tons.

Look from the production capacity, domestic enterprises accounted for about 73%, foreign enterprises or joint ventures accounted for about 27%, but from the point of market share, domestic market share is only 30%, enterprise and foreign enterprise market share as high as 70%. Have been modified plastics production base established in China by foreign companies with the United States ge, dupont, Hannah, dow company, German basf company, hurst, agms Japanese company, big can company, samsung, lg, kumho, Netherlands DSM company, etc. Modified plastics have become an important part of the advanced new plastics industry, which has promoted the development of the plastics processing industry, and also promoted the development of synthetic resin, additives and plastics machinery industry.

The regional distribution characteristics of the modified plastics industry are determined by the concentration and geographical distribution characteristics of its downstream industries. The downstream areas of the modified plastics industry are automobile, household appliances, construction, packaging, light industry, etc. Among them, automobile and home appliances are the main application fields of modified plastics, and the consumption proportion is more than 50%. Due to the obvious regional characteristics of downstream manufacturing enterprises such as household appliances and automobiles, the production and sales of modified plastics in China are mainly distributed in the Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta.

According to the research analysis and market forecast report of China's modified plastics industry from 2014 to 2017, at present, China's modified plastics industry has a high degree of regional concentration, but it is gradually dispersing. From the regional distribution of modified plastic industrial output and sales, production and sales of modified plastics are mainly concentrated in the east China and south China, central China and southwest of gross industrial output value and sales revenue accounted for a trend of increase year by year.
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