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The solution of poor thermal stability of PVC
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      Due to the poor thermal stability of PVC, the corresponding stabilizer must be added to repair the defects of PVC chain and timely absorb the HCL produced by PVC dechlorination. Meanwhile, due to the processing characteristics of high viscosity and high shear of PVC, the corresponding lubricant such as polyethylene wax must be added when the stabilizer is added.

Polyethylene wax, namely, PE wax, low molecular weight polyethylene, directly by the ethylene polymerization, synthesis by different synthetic process, catalytic system products in molecular weight, molecular weight distribution and the molecular chain structure have the difference, the performance of the corresponding products have obvious difference. PE wax is usually white powder with an average molecular weight of 1500-5000 and a melting point of 100-120 degrees. It has excellent external lubrication effect in PVC processing and can effectively improve the fluidity, yield, dispersion, surface brightness and demodulation of PVC processing. Due to its high molecular weight, high melting point and high temperature stability, it shows strong external lubrication effect under high temperature and high shear conditions.

Polyethylene wax product can improve the thermal stability of PVC and machining process of liquidity, increasing the extrusion efficiency of PVC products, improve the surface gloss of the product, and effectively reduce the separation phenomenon of PVC products processing process.

At present, PE wax on the domestic market is mostly divided into several types:
1. Ethylene homopolymerization into PE wax, the production of PE wax lubricant performance is good, high gloss, narrow molecular weight distribution, quality is very stable, on behalf of the series of products such as the United States honeywell A - C.
2. The by-product in the process of ethylene polymerization, commonly known as the board wax, through the refining process, for purification of PE wax, the product of low viscosity, high melting point, the lubrication performance is excellent, price is low, but the quality has the certain fluctuation along with the change of raw material and process, due to the characteristics of the refining process, the product will have more components of low melting point.
3. The thermal stability of PVC low molecular weight polyethylene pyrolysis products, commonly known as wax cracking and the cracking process is simple easy to operate, but the molecular weight distribution of the product with the production process has the certain fluctuation, the quality is relatively good, there will be a small number of components of low melting point.
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