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Product name£ºPVC Compound for Profiles
Product Type£ºPlastic Raw Material ¡ú PVC
Product Nos£º62611182016
Product info£ºPVC Compound used for making Profiles
Product name£ºPVC Resin Suspension Grade
Product Type£ºPlastic Raw Material ¡ú PVC
Product Nos£º879312916
Product info£ºPVC Resin Ethelene Based
Product name£ºStearic Acid
Product Type£ºPlastic Raw Material ¡ú
Product Nos£º879482816
Product info£ºStearic Acid for PVC Lubricant
Product name£ºCPE 135A
Product Type£ºPlastic Raw Material ¡ú Impact Modifier
Product Nos£º6251183716
Product info£ºImpact Modifier
Product name£ºPVC/UPVC Pipe Extrusion Line
Product Type£ºPlastic Machinery ¡ú
Product Nos£º721933116
Product info£ºPVC/UPVC Pipe Solid Pipe Extrusion Line
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