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PVC Four Strands Pipe Extrusion Line

High output conical twin screw extruder

PVC Four Strands Pipe Extrusion Line with advanced technology which is mainly used in making PVC water pipe and PVC cable pipe, which allows to produce four pipes together at the same time, greatly improved the output, welcomed by customers all over the world.

This unit consists of conical  twin-screw extruder, four outlets mold, vacuum forming tank, two-claw haul-off machine, no-dust cutting machine, stacker and so on. And the line can be equipped with Comptroller thickening instrument or computer inkjet printer, etc. to achieve the production and manufacture of high-grade pipe.

1. High output capacity design.
2. Independent vacuum, haul-off and cutting, good stability, low scrap rate.
3. CaCo3 can add more than 200%, low cost formula.

Four Strands Mould
Four Strands latest exclusive mould design , it can produce ¦µ16-¦µ40mm

Vacuum  Tank
Full 304 stainless steel vacuum tank, long life

Four Pipes Haul-off and cutter
Suitable for pipe diameter¦µ16-¦µ40,independent control, with no-dust cutting machine,high performance.

Specifications For PVC Four Strands  Pipe Extrusion Lline
Pipe spec(mm)
Main motor power(KW)
40-PVC 4-Strands

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